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What are RUNT registries?

Within the regulatory framework that originates RUNT (Articles 8 and 9 of Law 769 of 2002 and the relevant part of Law 1005 of 2006) the system has the responsibility to register and upload, centralize, authorize and validate information on the 11 records that you will find below.

It is the system’s obligation to achieve a secure flow of information for each registry from its origin, at the time of completion of the procedures and its registration in the RUNT, to its subsequent consultation.

 National Registry of Motor Vehicles (RNA)

National Registry of Drivers (RNC)

National Registry of Public and Private Transport Companies (RNET)

National Registry of Traffic Licenses (RNLT)

National Registry of Traffic and Transportation Infractions (RNITT)

National Registry of Automotive Education Centers (RNCEA)

National Insurance Registry (RNS)

National Registry of Natural Persons and / or Legal Services that provide services to the transit sector (RNPNJ)

National Registry of Trailers and Semitrailers (RNRYS)

National Registry of Traffic Accidents (RNAT)

National Register of Agricultural and Self-Propelled Construction Machinery (RNMA)

The previous information is available in spanish only.

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