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Modernization of the vehicle fleet through the use of certificates of cancellation of registration (CCM)

According to the 1517 of 2016 Decree and Resolution 332 of 2017, legal or natural entities interested in registering a new vehicle will be able to access the Certificate of Cancellation of Registration - CCM to register a maximum of four (4) vehicles per month.

Financial entities that are duly authorized and carry out leasing or renting operations interested in registering a new vehicle will be able to access the Registration Cancellation Certificates - CCM to register a maximum of ten (10) vehicles per month.


  1. The beneficiary must be registered in the RUNT. You can verify this by clicking on the link below: Query by identity document.
  2. The beneficiary must have a legible copy of his / her citizenship card.
  3. To start the application the new vehicle must have the following:
        •  A technical sheet(s) of body and chassis homologation or bodywork.
        •  Proforma vehicle invoice
        •  VIN registered in the RUNT system
  4. The beneficiary cannot have more than four (4) or more applications in the previous month or have one in progress.

If you meet the conditions above, you can enter to register your application for CERTIFICATES OF CANCELLATION OF PLATES - CCM.

Here you can download and carefully read instructions which will guide you through the process.



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