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Updating data in RUNT


Law 1843 of 2017 indicates that the address contained in RUNT is the only one valid for transit authorities to notify photo fines, and that it is the citizen's responsibility to update this notification data (address, mail electronic and telephone). This application has been designed so that citizens update their data quickly, online and in real time, without the need of moving or using intermediaries.
In order to update personal data and notification through the application, the interested person must first pass the section of identity validation, which is made up of questions that only the person can know about the procedures carried out (driving license and / or traffic, among others) from the data provided by the RUNT platform, to verify that whoever is carrying out the process is actually the citizen.

Prerequisites to virtually update notification data:

  • It is essential that you are registered with RUNT.

  • To verify that you are enrolled in RUNT: enter the "Query by Identity Document" in citizens tab - If the result of the query is "No information associated with the citizen has been found", it means that you are not registered and you must do so.

  • In the latter case: to register with the RUNT you must personally contact a Traffic Agency or Territorial Body of the Ministry of Transport. There you can also update notification data.

  • Before starting the process of virtually updating notification data through, you must have the Transit License of vehicles in your name and / or Driver's License to validate some information.

  • This update is only for natural persons.

When filling out the data, keep in mind:

  • Be sure to fill all the required spaces.

  • You only have 3 attempts to validate your identity. Otherwise you must wait 5 hours to try again or visit a Traffic Agency or Territorial Body of the Ministry of Transport.

  • Each citizen has a maximum of 3 updates per month.

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