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We create, operate, and integrate technological solutions that positively contribute to the transformation of the country, generating values for our shareholders.


Vision, make good and friendly solutions by providing the user with safe experiences.


  • Integrity: I act correctly, ensuring that honesty, responsibility, and respect are the guide of my actions.
  • Commitment: I fulfill my obligations with passion, loyalty, and quality in search of the well-being of the company, the users, and the environment.
  • Creativity: I try to find new and better ways to solve the challenges that arise daily.

Management Systems Policy

The RUNT S.A. Concession is committed to the protection of its information assets, guiding its efforts to the preservation of the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of such information, the protection of personal data, the risk management, the continuous improvement of the management system, the fulfillment of the legal regulations, as a essential axis in the creation, operation, and integration of technological solutions that contribute positively to the transformation of the country, based on our values.

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