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A partir del 19 de agosto de 2023

La información del Registro Único Nacional de Tránsito la encontrará exclusivamente en WWW.RUNT.GOV.CO

Important Information

Important Information

Services to the users of the RUNT system

  • Validation, authorization and registration of transactions that result from transit and transport procedures.
  • Rank assignment for sellable goods.
  • Controlling and monitoring the collection of sellable goods.
  • Uploading information supplied by all the actors involved in the RUNT system.

Information about hiring

Taking into consideration that CONCESSION RUNT S.A. is a private company incorporated under public deed number 4056 of Notary 71 of Bogotá dated May 22, 2007, whose specific purpose is the design, development and commissioning of the RUNT system technology solution, and that its contractual activity is reduced to the development of a concession contract; We inform that by this means the RUNT Dealer will not publish information regarding contracts entered into.

Improvement plans determined with control entities

The RUNT Concession supports improvement plans presented by the Ministry of Transportation to the General Comptroller of the Republic.

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